Ed Stephens
» Stephens Insurance Services

Mike Phelps
» Executive Vice President, Peoples Bank

Michael Kahn
» Dollar Western Wear & UDawg Graphics, Chairman of the Business Development Board

Maura Crawford
» Attorney / Real Estate Investments

Keith Leonard
» Leonard & Associates

Chuck Darter

Dan Wilson
» Dan Wilson Homes

Northern Panhandle

Ware Brown
» Brown Crop Insurance

Tom Hoelting
» Hoelting Supply

Lorenzo & Crosby County

Jere Mimms
» Farming

Brian Aycock
» Farming and Real Estate


Wayne Schilling
» South Plains Compost / Back To Nature

Keri Bednarz
» Farming, Real Estate


Sandy Peters
» Executive Vice President, Tyler Technologies

Dan Stanton
» Farming/Stanton Fertilizer and 2-Dan Inc. Farms

Josh Keeney
» Farming


Tait Crow
» Mason Warner Co., CPA

Mike Macy
» Macy Ranch