Peoples Bank Leadership

Peoples Bank is under the leadership of its board of directors--area businessmen invested in the bank.

Larry C. Allen: Chairman of the Board
»Chief Executive Officer of Peoples Bank

Todd McKee
»Vice Chairman & Chief Lending Officer, Peoples Bank

Blake Boyd

Tim Farris
»President, Rural Markets

David L. Teague
»CPA and Investments

Ronnie K. Bilbo
»Rehab Plus Therapeutic Products

David L. Foster
»Rehab Plus Therapeutic Products

Walt Hagood

Dr. S.A. Hale, Jr., MD
»Family Practitioner

Russell Lepard

Larry E. Moore
»Dollar Western Wear & UDAWG Graphics

Jack O. Nelson Jr.

Sam Scheef
»ARMTech Inc and Investments

Steve Nieman

Jon Drake
»Senior Executive Vice President & CFO, Peoples Bank