Larry C. Allen
» Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Todd McKee
» Vice Chairman & Chief Lending Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Blake Boyd
» President, Slaton Branch

Tim Farris
» President of Rural Markets, 82nd Street Branch

Jon Drake
» Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Andrew O. Turner
» President, Lender & 34th Street Branch Manager

Mike Phelps
» Executive Vice President & Commercial Lender (SBA Preferred Lender), 82nd Street Branch

Troy J. Vanderburg
» Executive Vice President & Commercial Lending Officer, 82nd Street Branch

William Booe
» Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Kevin Mitchell
» Senior Vice President & Regulatory Compliance, 82nd Street Branch

Bobby Matthews
» Senior Vice President & Merchant Services & HR, 82nd Street Branch

Doug Willis
» Senior Vice President & Consumer Lender, 82nd Street Branch

Teresa McLean
» Senior Vice President & Controller, 34th Street Branch

Kathy O'Hair
» Senior Vice President & Credit Department Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Stephen Leist
» Senior Vice President & Commercial Lender, 82nd Street Branch

Renessa Knowles
» Senior Vice President & Mortgage Department Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Lacie Walton
» Senior Vice President & Mortgage Originator, 82nd Street Branch

Marcus Brockman
»Senior Vice President, Lender & Nazareth Branch Manager

Anthony Foerster
» Senior Vice President, Lender & Shallowater Branch Manager

Patti Dycus
» Senior Vice President, Lender & Lorenzo Branch Manager

Kurt Coor
» Senior Vice President, Lender & Post Branch Manager

Jordan McKay
» Senior Vice President & Consumer Real Estate, 82nd Street Branch

Sonia Arismendez
» Vice President & Lobby Services Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Josh Gandy
» Vice President & Lender, Lorenzo Branch

Cody Cypert
» Vice President & Mortgage Lender, 82nd Street Branch

Mark McLarty
» Vice President & Lender, Nazareth Branch

Brooke Etheredge
» Vice President & Lending Assistant, Slaton Branch

Pat Meeks
» Vice President & Credit Department, 82nd Street Branch

Chelsea Salazar
» Vice President & Marketing Director, 82nd Street Branch

Sandy Coleman
» Vice President & Lender, 82nd Street Branch

Clay Miller
» Vice President & Lender, Post Branch

Lynn Womack
» Vice President & Credit Department Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Melanie Emmel
» Vice President & Teller Supervisor, 82nd Street Branch

Linda Coffman
» Vice President & Deposit Operations/Fraud Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Glenda Cox
» Vice President & Loan Doc Department Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Valerie Carpenter
» Vice President & Executive Assistant, 82nd Street Branch

Mark Woods
» Vice President, Information Security Officer & Facilities Manager

Dawn Binder
» Assistant Vice President & Loan Doc Depatment, 82nd Street Branch

Darla Hamer
» Assistant Vice President & Deposit Operations, 82nd Street Branch

Jake Mahan
» Assistant Vice President & Lender, Shallowater Branch

Tanya Ethridge
» Assistant Vice President & Lending Assistant, Nazareth Branch

Kelli Sehon
» Assistant Vice President, 82nd Street Branch

Ashley Townsend
» Assistant Vice President & Mortgage Operations Manager

Johnathan Surratt
» IT Officer & Help Desk Manager, 82nd Street Branch

Dora Espinosa
» Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Nazareth Branch

Angie Kieth
» Banking Officer & Loan Doc Department, 82nd Street Branch

Peggy Sellers
» Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Lorenzo Branch

Mary Schoepf
» Banking Officer & Lending Assistant/CAR, Lorenzo Branch

Laura Angerer
» Banking Officer & Lending Assistant/CAR, 82nd Street Branch

Kay Wallace
» Banking Officer & Lending Assistant, Post Branch

Kraig Kern
» Banking Officer & Credit Analyst, 82nd Street Branch

Valerie Grant
» Banking Officer & Lending Assistant, Shallowater Branch

Alesha Glover
» Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Slaton Branch

Jason Ballou
» Banking Officer & Credit Specialist, 82nd Street Branch

Kevin McEndree
» Banking Officer & Deposit Operations, 82nd Street Branch

Jamie White
» Banking Officer & Credit Specialist, 82nd Street Branch

Raquel Britton
» Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor/CAR, Post Branch

Denise Womble
» Banking Officer & Teller Supervisor, 34th Street Branch

Laura Simpson
» Banking Officer, 82nd Street Branch

Melissa Rodriguez
» Banking Officer, 34th Street Branch

Carole Lyons
» Peoples Bank Ladies Coordinator, 82nd Street Branch

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