Get To Know..... Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank is a true community bank. We focus attention on the needs of local families, businesses, towns, and farmers. We take local deposits and then make loans back into the neighbourhoods where our depositors live and work. We help keep the local communities we serve vibrant and growing. Our local loan officers are part of our communities and are very involved in local community affairs. Decisions are made locally

We are a locally owned bank and we are also a small business. We understand the needs of small business owners and farmers and consider them our core concern. We offer you the best in full service banking backed by local ownership, a friendly professional staff, advanced technology and a strong sense of community prid

Peoples Bank Timeline

  • 1999: Established when a group of local investors led by Larry Allen and Todd McKee, purchased Lorenzo State Bank at Lorenzo, operating under a state banking charter granted in 1968.

  • 2000: Headquarters facility was built & opened at 5820 82nd Street.
  • 2003: Peoples Bank at 34th & Memphis Opened.
  • 2004: Peoples Bank Home Loan Center Established.
  • 2005: Peoples Bank Nazareth Opened.
  • 2005: Peoples Bank Headquarters doubled in size.
  • 2007: Peoples Bank Shallowater Opened.
  • 2012: Peoples Bank Slaton Opened.
  • 2013: Peoples Bank Headquarters doubled in size … again!
  • 2013: Peoples Bank Post Opened.

Peoples Bank Mission Statement

Peoples Bank exists to place the needs of our employees, customers, and shareholders at the center of everything we do.

Vision Statement

Peoples Bank strives to be the best company our employees ever worked for, the best bank our customers ever do business with and the best investment our shareholders ever make.

It is the goal of Peoples Bank to:

  • Uphold traditional family values
  • Concentrate and focus on our vision
  • Treat others as we want to be treated
  • Serve others as we want to be served
  • And to love others as we want to be loved


We believe our delivery of top quality service is a team effort. We understand the actions of one member are critical to the success of others and ultimately the success and stability of our bank. Our staff of officers and employees are well-trained, highly motivated individuals who desire to serve your needs. Every Peoples Bank customer is treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism.