VISA Check Debit Card

Our debit card also serves as your ATM card. Get cash from any ATM anywhere when you need it using you Personal Identification Number (PIN). Use any of our Peoples Bank-owned ATM machines at no fee, or any of the more than 16,000 MoneyPass ATM Network locations with no surcharge fee. A network ATM locator is available at

Merchants who display the familiar VISA symbol will accept your debit card for purchases. This removes the problems of merchants not accepting checks. The VISA Debit Card is safer than carrying a lot of cash and is a fast, easy, and convenient to use wherever you go.

To provide you fast customer service, our secure cards are created in house. Card activation is required before it becomes useable. Your purchases and ATM activity is detailed on your monthly statements for record keeping.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

See our Customer Service Representatives for a current list of Peoples Bank owned ATM locations. (also available at Our customers pay no fee for unlimited transactions to use any of the Peoples Bank owned ATMs. Peoples Bank is a member of the MoneyPass ATM Network with more than 16,000 locations nationwide. Visit for an ATM locator. There is a Peoples Bank transaction fee of just $1 per transaction within this network, but there is no ATM machine use surcharge when you use MoneyPass Network ATMs.

Direct Deposit Service

Peoples Bank Direct Deposit service can automatically deposit your paycheck, Social Security payment or retirement check into your checking or savings account with complete security and safety. Save time and gasoline by using Direct Deposit from Peoples Bank. It’s fast and safe. No fee.

On-Line Banking Service

Sign up for this fast and helpful service at the Customer Service Representative’s desk in our lobbies. Have complete and secure access to your banking accounts via your personal computer, transfer funds from one account to another, view your account activity, account balances, review transactions, stop payment, pay bills, order checks, etc. all available 24 hours a day every day. You select a password for your security and account safety. All activity encrypted for unauthorized access. No fee.


Fast, safe and secure monthly account statements are available on line via your computer. Keep monthly statements on your computer for quick reference anytime. Print copies of checks or transactions at your convenience when you need them for any reason. Save your monthly account statements regularly on your hard drive for permanent records. Current month and previous month’s accounts are available 24 hours per day. Don’t take a chance on someone stealing your mailed statements and gaining your financial information and identity…use the fast, safer-than-mail E-Statements from Peoples Bank.

No fee.

On-Line Bill Pay Service

This fast, safe and secure bill paying service will save you time and money for postage stamps. Simply enter the data for those you wish to pay and push a button to pay your bills anytime, 24 hours per day using your computer.

No fee.

Account Alerts by E-Mail

Our Online Banking product provides tools to all you to set up e-mail notifications for several situations to help you manage your accounts. Manage your personal need to know on your account balance limits, bills set up to pay automatically from your account, Direct Deposits, and more. Click here to get instructions to set up your personal alerts.

Monthly Payments Drafted by Automatic Clearing House (ACH)

Recurring payments from your checking account can be safely paid automatically such as insurance premiums, utility bills, house payments, car payments and more.

No fee or service charges.

Home Loan Center (Mortgage Loans)

Peoples Bank Home Loan Center has lenders with many years of professional experience. They specialize in quick and easy mortgage loan pre-qualifications and financing is available for FHA, VA and Conventional Loans. Hours are 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday and anytime by appointment. Customers of our Home Loan Center have enjoyed fast and smooth local mortgage loan service from our great staff for years.

Overdraft Privilege (ODP)

This is a service we add to your checking account to cover overdrafts to a preset limit. This service is subject to certain eligibility requirements. You will be notified by mail when the service is approved and available for your account. With ODP, we generally pay your overdraft items up to $500. Payment of overdrafts on your account is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. When overdraft items are paid for you, you are subject to our normal overdraft fee for each item presented for payment.

Automatic Transfers

This service provides a convenient way to transfer funds from one account to another on a scheduled basis. Systematic savings transfers from a checking account to a savings account are one popular use of this service. See a Customer Service Representative to set up this service or do it yourself on your schedule from your personal computer using our On-Line Banking service..

Overdraft Protection Transfers

In the event of an overdraft, you can use your money from another account to cover your need. Funds are transferred automatically to cover the funds needed. A signed form is required to give us permission to perform this non-regular service on your behalf. Generally, one transfer is made to cover all items presented on the affected account. This service will be done on a daily basis when needed. Overdraft fees are not applied when transferred funds are available.

There is a small fee for each transfer we initiate.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your important documents, valuable papers, photographs and other one-of-a-kind items are safe and securely locked in your safe deposit box at Peoples Bank. Various sizes are available at very reasonable annual fees. Safe deposit boxes are located in Shallowater, Lorenzo, Nazareth, and 82nd & Homestead Ave. in Lubbock.

VISA Gift Cards

These are prepaid gift cards issued in US dollars. They are signature protected and can be used at millions of locations where VISA Debit signs are displayed. You don’t have to activate the card, it’s ready the moment you get it. These cards can be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged (for a fee). Customer support and account information is available to you via the internet or by phone 24 hours every day. Cards are purchased for $4.99 each with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $500. There is a monthly account maintenance fee of $1.25 (deducted from card balance). Telephone balance inquiries are $.50 each if needed.

Travel Cards

Available from our tellers as all banking locations, these cards are safer than cash. If lost, they can be replaced.

Bank by Mail

Available for individuals who enjoy the convenience of banking by mail. Upon request we provide bank envelopes at no cost.

Night Depository

Our night depositories are available for your use any time. Depositories are located at each Peoples Bank location. Deposit supplies are available at each site for your convenience. Adequate security lighting is provided at each site. (Security cameras)

Travelers Checks

We offer safe and easy to use travelers checks from American Express. They are safer than carrying large sums of money. Travelers Checks may be purchased from any teller during regular lobby hours at all Peoples Bank locations. (The convenience and general acceptance of Travel Cards and Gift Cards plus regular debit cards has reduced the general public’s demand for Travelers checks.)

Cashiers Checks

A secure way to provide for the handling of collected funds. They may be purchased from any teller during regular lobby hours at all Peoples Bank locations.

Wire Transfers

We send and receive domestic and foreign wire transfers in a secure and confidential environment.

Financial Planning and Investment Advising Services

Financial planning, investment advising, and insurance services are offered in our bank through a relationship with Barry Johnston principal of Gaschen, Johnston & Associates, LLC of Lubbock, registered representatives of Multi-Financial Securities Corporation, Member NASD/SIPC. Services vary and are designed for individuals, families, and business clients. Appointments with Mr. Barry Johnston to discuss these services are for your convenience. These investments are not FDIC insured, not a deposit, not bank guaranteed, not insured by any government agency, and may lose value.