Money Market Checking

A money market checking account is a type of account that pays higher interest and usually has higher minimum balance requirements. If your goal is to maintain a higher account balance, earn more interest than the standard savings or checking accounts, and still have access to your money, Peoples Bank Money Market Checking is the way to go.

To access the funds in your Money Market Account, you can simply write a check, transfer money to another account or use a preauthorized electronic agreement. With Peoples Bank Money Market checking, you can earn even more interest with a high yield investment money market account designed for businesses with higher balances. With our business money market accounts, our commercial customers maximize the earnings on their business funds while still keeping the access they require. Depending on the account, customers can get up to six free withdrawals, tiered interest on all balances and free online bill payment service. The money in a Peoples Bank Money Market Checking account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), so your money is always safe.