Visa/ATM Card

At Peoples Bank, we know every business has different needs and requires various options. With that in mind, Peoples Bank helps businesses succeed by creating unique options such as the Visa/ATM Card. Basically, business owners and account signers have purchasing power almost anywhere with a Visa/ATM card since the Visa card allows business owners to make purchases, withdrawals, deposits, and transfers from their business checking account.

The process is simple as it works just as if you were writing a check only it’s much more convenient. There are no additional charges and no fees when using the card to make purchases. The Visa/ATM card also makes it possible for business owners to give trusted employees an easier way to pay for day-to-day business expenses and even to access petty cash. Free from stress, business owners can set or restrict ATM withdrawal limits and daily merchant purchase limits so it’s more secure than carrying cash.

When using a Peoples Bank 24 hour Visa/ATM Card, you have at your fingertips a card that can be used anywhere in the nation. And because Visa is accepted everywhere, all one needs to do is simply swipe the card and sign after processing the transaction. With the Visa/ATM card, it’s easier than writing a check and best of all, it’s totally free. When choosing a Peoples Bank Visa ATM card, customers have an easy to use, convenient card that eliminates any need to carry cash. In addition, not only does it save time, but it also allows users to make transfers as well as check balances 24 hours a day every day. The Visa/ATM card provides users with all the features of a standard ATM card, plus it allows customers to use the card to pay for all items at any location that accepts VISA. With the prestige of a Visa card, funds are immediately available and with the purchasing power at 20 million merchants, customers are assured of using a card safely and easily.