A Peoples Bank VISA Debit Card is available to all our customers. When opening new accounts, it is possible to walk out of our lobbies with a working card. In some cases, it may take approximately 1-3 business days to receive the card, which is processed internally at Peoples Bank.

All Peoples Bank VISA Debit Cards have an expiration date. New replacement cards are processed and mailed from a secure outside source for Peoples Bank. The replacement cards are mailed to our existing customers. A couple of days after receiving the new replacement card, you will receive your PIN Number (Personal Identification Number) by separate mail. You can activate your card in one of two ways: take the Card and Pin Number to an ATM to activate. If you wish, you can bring your card to any of our branches and we can encode your PIN on it for you.

Our VISA Debit Card comes with two limits. The first is $300 at ATMs. This is the daily amount allowed for withdrawal at an ATM. The second is $1000.00 Point of Sale. This is the daily amount allowed for Debit Card Purchases. Customers who may need higher amounts for short time periods may request this special service from Peoples Bank.

There are two types of transactions Debit and Credit. A Debit transaction will require a pin number and is usually used when wanting cash back..

A Credit transaction in most cases will require a signature. However there are some Credit Card Machines that certain Merchants use that will not require a signature unless it is over a certain transaction amount level.

In the event that your Debit Card is lost (either lost, stolen or an unauthorized transaction/transactions), promptly notify a Peoples Bank New Account Representative so they can complete the appropriate forms. A contact telephone number is also available on our bank’s website for use anytime, or when our banking facilities are closed.


Can an Authorized Signer have a Debit Card? Yes…if the customer wishes to give a Debit Card to an authorized signer they can.

Can I increase my limit? Yes…refer them to a New Account Representative.

Debit Card Lost or Stolen? Click Here

» Peoples Bank does not ask for your Social Security number, account number, password or other verifying information through email. Please delete any email requesting this information. Thank you.