Account Alerts By E-mail Notification

  • Balance Limits

  • Bill Payments

  • ACH Deposits

  • And More...

Instructions to Set up Your Personal E-Alerts:

Peoples Bank’s Online Banking provides you the tools to set up & receive e-mail notifications for several situations to help you manage your accounts.

You can set up e-mail updates to notify you about balance limits, bill payments, ACH deposits, and several other items.

Example: Here is how you would set up a “Balance Alert”:

1) Login to Online Banking as you would to check your accounts or pay bills.

2) Select the “Options” tab.

3) Select the sub-tab titled “Alerts”. Here you will find four categories of alerts to choose from.

4) To be informed of account balance situations you would select “Balance Alerts”.

5) Now you would simply input the limits for which you wish to be notified and select “Submit”.

Example: If you had set your balance limit to notify you if your account falls below $500, you will receive an e-mail notifying you this has occurred if the balance drops below that level.

If, after trying these instructions, you have any questions or need assistance about this helpful service, please contact any new account representative.

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